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NUMO and Armsteads Team Up to Promote Gut Health and Wellbeing

Arik and Mindy Armstead are on a mission to help you live your best life. You can have great health – and you can maintain or upgrade the health you are currently living with. 

Prominent individuals in their respective areas, Arik and Mindy Armstead recently announced a partnership with Numo Nutrition Inc., a company known for its organic gut health products. Their collaboration demonstrates their dedication to advancing holistic health, particularly emphasizing the significance of gut health for overall well-being.

Arik Armstead is widely acknowledged for his outstanding achievements as a defensive end with the San Francisco 49ers and being a father of two. Meanwhile, Mindy, an MS, M.D., balances her responsibilities as a mother of two, a full-time psychiatrist, and a fitness enthusiast. They recognize the significance of promoting a healthy lifestyle and passionately advocate for well-being.

Both equally dedicated to community service, Arik and Mindy actively contribute to empowering young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds through their non-profit, the Armstead Academic Project. For additional details, please visit

Dynamic Work with Numo Nutrition Inc.

Mindy and Arik were resolute in their desire to align their partnership with one of the leading companies in the field of gut health, ultimately choosing Numo Nutrition Inc. Distinguished by its incorporation of active living cultures, Numo Nutrition introduces a groundbreaking feature in the realm of organic gummies, promoting immunity, natural sleep, and metabolic health.


Through their collaboration with Numo Nutrition, the Armsteads aim to champion wellness by leveraging the company's state-of-the-art solutions for gut health. Arik expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the alignment between Numo Nutrition's mission and his passion for holistic health.


Mindy underscores the uniqueness of Numo's supplements, highlighting their natural components and organic live cultures as the closest resemblance to food medicine in a supplement. These gummies seamlessly integrate into daily routines, with examples like Numo's Deep Sleep magnesium gummies, which the Armsteads incorporate into their sleep routine for workdays or game days, offering support for both occasions.