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What is "the Mother" in Apple Cider Vinegar?

The phrase "the mother" originates from the culture of beneficial bacteria present in apple cider vinegar known as Mycoderma aceti. This bacteria transforms apple cider into vinegar. It's visible in organic or unfiltered strains of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and looks like a cloudy substance at the bottom of the bottle or jar. It's said that ACV with the mother still intact contains greater health benefits than filtered ACV. 

Where Can I Find Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother? 

Most supermarkets carry regular apple cider vinegar that has been filtered to remove the cloudy bits—aka, where all those beneficial bacteria are hiding! However, you can usually find organic or unfiltered ACV at stores specializing in natural products or local farmers markets. Be sure to look for labels that say "unfiltered" or "with the mother," so you know you're getting a product with all its original benefits intact.   

At Numo Nutrition, our mission is to jumpstart your gut health.  This is why we designed our ACV gummy to contain more acetic acid and more of the beneficial bacteria from “the mother” than any gummy on the market.  Our gummies are a great way to complement your ACV routine before a meal or before bedtime. 


Understanding what “the mother” is when it comes to apple cider vinegar can help us make informed decisions about our health and wellness products. While filtered ACVs are widely available at most supermarkets, organic or unfiltered ACVs containing the mother offer higher levels of health benefits due to their higher concentration of beneficial bacteria. So next time you go shopping for ACV, be sure to look out for labels that say “unfiltered” or “with the mother." 


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