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Everything You Want To Know About ACV Gummies

Have you tried working apple cider vinegar (ACV) into your wellness plans? Studies have shown ACV may help with everything from satiating hunger to stabilizing blood sugar levels and supporting gut health. No doubt, ACV is beneficial, so including it in your daily regimen is not a bad idea. Unfortunately, taking shots of liquid ACV can be brutal, no matter how fast you toss back your dose. ACV gummies may provide the same health benefits as ACV without the dread of forcing down ACV shots. The question is, do ACV gummies really work? And, if so, how do you find the best products, so you can reap ACV gummies benefits? Whether you're planning to take ACV gummies for weight loss, gut health, or otherwise, here's an in-depth guide to help.

What Are ACV Gummies?

ACV gummies are gummy-type dietary supplements made with apple cider vinegar or ACV extracts. These gummy supplements were specifically created to help people reap the benefits of ACV without having to contend with the harsh taste.  Apple cider vinegar is essentially fermented apple juice, as it contains apples, water, and small amounts of sugar. ACV contains two important agents that may support both gut health and general wellness in different ways. Raw ACV contains the fermented food referred to as "the Mother." This is a solidified byproduct that develops during fermentation that contains good bacteria like natural probiotics and yeast. The second important agent is acetic acid, which gives ACV its acidic taste and may pose its own significant gut health advantages.  Many ACV gummies are available on the supplement market, and many contain similar ingredients. Unfortunately, many supplements from big-name manufacturers do not contain the same valuable ingredients and agents as raw ACV. However, there is a new generation of organic gummies that is even closer to taking raw ACV. For example, Numo ACV gummies contain higher acetic acid concentrations, and the Mother culture supports gut health. 

How are ACV gummies made?

The key difference between traditional ACV gummies and the latest generation of ACV gummies comes down to how the gummies are made. Most typical ACV gummies are made using a formula of artificial ingredients, additives, and sweeteners. Further, the heat used during production can kill any valuable live cultures and impact acetic acid levels in the ACV. The typical ACV gummy formula may include ingredients like tapioca, gelatins, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and syrups. Once the gelatinous mix is produced, a powdered form of ACV is added to the mix. From here, steps are taken to create the finished product, such as: 
  1. The mixture is heated to a high-degree temperature 
  2. The hot mixture is injected into molds to create the gummies 
  3. The gummies are pushed through a steamer to soften the exterior 
  4. The gummies are rolled in a vat of sugar to coat the exterior 
The end result is a sugary gummy supplement that does contain trace amounts of ACV as a listed ingredient. Unfortunately, the most valuable component of the ACV—the good bacteria—is usually missing. Further, due to the sour taste of acetic acid, lots of manufacturers won’t include quite as much to their gummy to avoid a distasteful flavor.  The latest ACV gummies, like Numo ACV gummies, are made entirely differently in terms of ingredients and the manufacturing process. The formula consists of only certified organic ingredients. Additionally, the formula does not contain chemicals, added sugars, or animal gelatins that may disrupt the gut's microbiome. Another important difference, Numo follows a proprietary manufacturing process that only requires using heat levels below 50ºC. This keeps the valuable active cultures intact and higher acetic acid content, in the end, ACV gummy supplement.  They also let the gummies dry for days versus packing them right off the manufacturing line. The longer care process and curing of the gummies helps maintain the temperature control, helping the gummies to maintain their health value. 

What is the best type of ACV gummy?

The differences between apple cider vinegar gummies vs liquid ACV can be profound with the wrong type of gummies. Standard ACV gummies are different from raw ACV because the gummies: 

  • Contain high levels of added sugar 

  • Are made with artificial flavors and colors 

  • Are not organic certified

  • Contain no live cultures (no real “mother culture”)

  • Contain minuscule levels of acetic acid 

The best ACV gummies are as close to natural ACV as possible, right down to containing the Mother culture and measurable levels of acetic acid. Without these valuable agents intact, you may never see the benefits of having ACV in your dietary intake. 

What Are the Benefits of ACV Gummies?

While substantial scientific research on ACV gummies is not yet available, there is substantial evidence surrounding the benefits of ACV. Several studies have shown vinegar intake may have the potential to be incredibly beneficial to human health. Regular intake may help with cardiovascular disorders, microbial infections, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and more.1 

The benefits of apple cider vinegar come from those two valuable ingredients: acetic acid and "the Mother." 

Acetic Acid Benefits 

Acetic acid is what gives all types of vinegar their bitter taste. This acidic agent has been extensively examined for its potential health benefits because it is found naturally in certain foods. Acetic acid may offer multiple health benefits related to gut health, but may also be supportive for weight loss.

The interesting thing about acetic acid that a lot of people don't know is it is naturally produced by good bacteria in the gut. This acid is incredibly important for maintaining proper gut health because it contributes to the production of butyric acid. Butyric acid is considered the most critical element for maintaining a healthy gut.2 

Research indicates that acetic acid may:3

  • Inhibit oxidative stress 

  • Reduce pro-inflammatory protein production 

  • Promote the function of intestinal barriers 

  • Scavenge damaging free radicals in the gut 

One particular study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science poses significant light on this ACV-derived acid for weight loss. Researchers found that acetic acid supplementation was associated with weight loss and reductions in body fat.  

Acetic acid may also be important for blood sugar regulation. Numerous studies published between 1995 and 2018 found that acetic acid from vinegar offered acute positive effects on blood sugar levels. These effects were observed when acetic acid was paired with foods that were considered high in carbohydrates.4 

Benefits of the Mother 

While there is no substantial scientific evidence associated with the Mother in ACV, there are studies on the benefits of fermented foods in general. A recent study published by Stanford Medicine looked at the benefits of eating a diet rich in fermented foods. 

During the clinical trial, three dozen adults were assigned at random to follow a 10-week nutrition plan that included either high-fiber or fermented foods. Stool and blood samples were used to measure gut microbiota and inflammatory cytokines in the blood.

For reference, your gut microbiome is a world of microbes that live in the large and small intestines. These microbes reach numbers in the trillions and can include yeast, bacteria, and fungi. A good state of balance with these microbes within the gut microbiome is important to digestive processes.5

Participants in the Stanford study were assigned to eat fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi, and kefir. This group experienced a drastic improvement in gut microbe diversity and a decrease in molecular inflammatory markers. Comparatively, participants that followed the high-fiber diet did not experience decreased inflammatory marker production and microbes within their guts stayed almost the same. 

Eating foods that encourage a diverse gut microbiome obviously directly supports the health of your gut. However, gut health is exceptionally important to many aspects of health beyond digestion, including:5

  • Supporting the metabolism 

  • Supporting immune system function 

  • Deterring inflammation throughout the body 

  • Ensuring vitamin, hormone, and enzyme breakdown and concurrent biological utilization 

Having an unstable gut microbiome also impacts your organs. Therefore, an unhealthy gut can potentially heighten your risk for certain illnesses and diseases, and even affect your mental health. 

Do ACV Gummies Work as Well as ACV?

There is no research comparing liquid or raw ACV and ACV gummies and the differences between their effects. However, anecdotal evidence suggests ACV gummies can work nearly as well as raw ACV for supporting gut health or even to support weight loss. Just keep in mind you do have to be mindful about which type of ACV gummies you buy. 

How to Find the Best ACV Gummies 

When looking for the best apple cider vinegar to lose weight or support wellness, the going consensus is to opt for raw ACV with the Mother intact. Raw ACV is unfiltered, which means it contains the solidified material where the healthy bacteria are hanging out. Naturally, this means the best ACV gummies must also have the Mother. Numo not only helps maintain the natural mother culture, but they also harvest and grow it to add even more, adding more benefits to their ACV gummies. 

Also, it is important to ensure the ACV gummies contain adequate levels of acetic acid. Otherwise, taking ACV gummies may be a moot change in your nutritional regimen.

Lastly, watch out for sugar content in any ACV gummy you are considering. Many gummy manufacturers strip out acetic acid during production or overpower the taste with tremendous amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners. High sugar intake actually disrupts the microbiome, which could counteract the good effects of acetic acid.6  Be on the lookout for certified organic and don’t be fooled if the label provides some “organic ingredients”.  

How Do ACV Gummies Affect Weight Loss?

ACV gummies may help with weight loss by suppressing the appetite. Naturally, when you do not feel hungry, you may find it easier to avoid snacking and keep your daily caloric intake lower. In turn, this may help you lose weight.  

You can find a lot of other claims about why ACV gummies may support weight loss. For example, some claims state that ACV supports weight loss by helping the body burn fat or changing how oxygen is used during the metabolic process. Unfortunately, many of these claims have not been well-studied enough to make definitive claims.  

What is known is that acetic acid plays a key role in the proposed weight loss benefits of ACV. Nevertheless, the mechanism of how acetic acid supports weight loss is not well-established. 

Can ACV gummies help with weight loss?

Unfortunately, no studies have evaluated whether ACV gummies help with weight loss, even though there are anecdotal reports. Several studies have, however, examined whether ACV in liquid form could help with weight loss. 

A randomized controlled trial conducted in 2014 found that ingesting vinegar before a meal reduced caloric intake substantially. However, researchers did not in this particular trial that participants that ingested vinegar experienced nausea, which may have contributed to lower caloric intake.7 

An older study from 2009 evaluated vinegar intake and its effect on body weight among individuals of similar body weight. Participants consumed either one or two tablespoons of ACV per day for 12 weeks. The researchers found individuals who consumed one tablespoon of vinegar:8

  • Lost 2.6 pounds on average

  • Experienced an average of 18 percent decrease in body fat 

  • Lost 0.5 inches in waist circumference 

Participants that consumed two tablespoons of vinegar experienced similar results. They lost an average of 4.2 pounds, had a 0.9 percent decrease in body fat, and lost 0.75 inches in waist circumference. 

A more modern study followed a similar methodology in 2018. Thirty-nine participants took ACV over the course of 12 weeks while also following a low-calorie diet. Researchers from this study noted that ACV intake reduced:9

  • Body weight 

  • Participant BMIs 

  • Hip circumference 

  • Appetite scores

  • Cholesterol levels 

It should be noted, on a broader scale across all available studies of ACV and weight loss, findings have been less conclusive. Medical researchers state that more long-term, large-scale studies should be conducted to gain a better understanding of how ACV could be beneficial.10 

What are the best ACV gummies for weight loss?

All things considered, this research seems to indicate that well-formulated ACV gummies could potentially support weight loss. However, because these studies rely on using liquid ACV, it is important to seek ACV gummies as close to natural food as possible. 

One important factor to look at when picking ACV gummies for weight loss is sugar content. While acetic acid may support weight-loss efforts, sugar could counteract the benefits and negatively affect metabolic processes. Therefore, the best ACV gummies for weight loss tend to have no added sugar. 

Are There ACV Gummies Side Effects to Consider?

ACV in liquid form can be associated with a few side effects, especially at higher doses due to its acidic nature. A few side effects include:11, 12 

  • Tooth enamel damage 

  • Lowered potassium levels 

  • Changes in blood sugar regulation 

  • Gastrointestinal issues like indigestion or nausea 

  • Throat burns or esophageal irritation 

Taking ACV may not be advised if you have diabetes, have low potassium levels, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Apple cider vinegar gummies side effects can potentially be similar to liquid ACV. However, it is easier to keep dosage levels in check with gummies. Additionally, the ACV agents are broken down a bit slower during consumption due to their semi-solid nature. Therefore, the possibility of side effects may be less likely.

Some low-quality ACV gummies contain loads of sugar, stabilizers, and additives not so good for your health. While these ingredients may not cause side effects for most people, they are far from natural ACV. 

If you decide to take ACV gummies, always follow dosage recommendations and opt for a high-quality product. Doing so could lower the likelihood of experiencing undesirable side effects. If you have any questions, reach out to your primary health provider to ensure ACV gummies are safe for you personally. 

Can ACV gummies affect medications?

ACV and ACV gummies may interact with certain medications or other supplements.  A few examples of negative interactions include:13

  • Insulin and ACV may lead to excessively low blood sugar 

  • Diuretics and ACV may excessively low potassium levels 

  • Digoxin and ACV may excessively low potassium levels 

If you are already taking supplements or medications, including those mentioned above, it is best to talk to your doctor before taking ACV gummies. 

When Should You Take ACV Gummies?

It is a good idea to take your ACV gummies in the morning or as you are getting your day started. Taking your dose early in the day may mean you get metabolism support and appetite curbing throughout the day. It can also be helpful to take the gummies about 5 to 10 minutes before a meal. 

Can I take ACV gummies daily?

You can take ACV gummies daily as part of your dietary intake just as you can consume ACV liquid every day. In fact, keeping your dose consistent may be the best way to reap apple cider vinegar gummies benefits. 

A Final Word on ACV Gummies 

Do apple cider gummies really work for weight loss or gut health support? They truly can. However, you must opt for the best apple cider vinegar gummies with the Mother and acetic acid., and make sure to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle with exercise. The key is, not all ACV gummies are created equally, so you have to work to find the best. 

At Numo Nutrition, we pay close attention to quality in everything we do. Numo ACV gummies are intentionally designed to support gut health with three times the amount of acetic acid as other ACV gummies. We manage to pack an estimated 100 times as much of the "Mother" and the associated cultures into our gummies due to the low-heat methodology we use during manufacturing.  

The bottom line? Supporting a healthy gut is so critical to your overall health. Unfortunately, many ACV gummies today do more harm than good for your gut's microbiome or to support healthy digestion. Numo ACV gummies are the exception with no added sugar, live cultures, acetic acid, and a formula as close to natural ACV as possible. 

Looking for the best apple cider vinegar gummies without sugar, with the Mother, and capable of helping you achieve your wellness goals? Be sure to take a closer look at Numo ACV Gummies


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.